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Roma Sposa 2016

RomaSposa è la favola e il sogno di ogni giovane coppia che diventa realtà: una vetrina, una passerella, un mondo magico in cui scegliere tutto quello che rende indimenticabile il giorno del sì: abiti da cerimonia per lei e per lui ma anche per gli invitati, reportage, viaggi, ricevimenti, location in ville e castelli, liste […]

Tailored jacket: two or three bottons?

Behind the choice of a jacket lies a language full of variables and nuances far from being trivial. For this reason, when choosing a jacket, it is important to know which image we want to communicate and to be familiar with the different combinations and possibilities. Not only and not so much a choice dictated […]

The importance of a ceremony.

Times change, trends evolve, but a ceremony suit needs a specific care that can’t be compromised. Choosing a tailored suit today is very different from ten years ago: the evolution of the wovens, dress codes and other features improved the offers for customers, but anyway are getting more and more confusing. A ceremony suit has […]

Carosi vegan style.

Carosi’s ceremony suits and tailoring are made by a working process where quality and style are always in the first place. Aiming to a constant improvement of our collections, here is a brand new feature: the vegan style, based on the construction of suits totally made with synthetic woven and without any animal tissue. Normally […]

Carosi tailoring and ceremony suits at Roma Sposa.

The quality of Carosi ceremony suits has been showed to the audience during the event Roma Sposa from the 15th until the 19th January in Rome. A consolidated participation that once again allowed all the future grooms to try and evaluate personally the style and the elegance of Carosi; we decided to concentrate our efforts […]


Welcome to the world of Carosi, where elegance, style and competence merge with the italian handmade tailoring since 1937 in Rome. In this section of the website you will find everything about our activities, our offers and the ones of our partner brands, but also a list news, suggestions about the right suit to wear […]