Always the right style.

Carosi collection is made by men’s elegant informal and formal clothing; two choices that represent different style, moments and personality. From work suits to the everyday clothing, the men’s elegant informal style adds a classy touch to our customers’ normal way of dressing, always endorsing wearability and versatility of wovens and of the other complements like trousers, shirts and coats. Men’s formal clothing, on the other hand, is referred to the classic and typical elegant style that defines personality and looks of customers mostly in special events where a specific dress code or apparel is required. Sober choices of traditional elegance, wovens handcrafted by the highest standars of tailoring, customized with modern style so to guarantee customers on the best result in terms of aesthetic and wearability. The staff of Carosi will gladly welcome you in its world of elegance and taste with the quality that distinguish its brand in Rome since 1937.