Carosi tailoring and ceremony suits at Roma Sposa.

The quality of Carosi ceremony suits has been showed to the audience during the event Roma Sposa from the 15th until the 19th January in Rome.

A consolidated participation that once again allowed all the future grooms to try and evaluate personally the style and the elegance of Carosi; we decided to concentrate our efforts on sobriety, showing a selection of classic suits mixed with quality woven and original clothing accessories.

A big success was achieved by the smoking in the Royal Blue version, a classic style with a strong personality, and by the Demi-Tight suit, a modern variation of the typical Morning Dress that lately has been really appreciated for its traditional tailoring values.

Carosi has been one more time on the spot, showing the pure quality of its ceremony suits and supporting customers in choosing the best solutions for wearing and always assuring the best mixture between high standard woven and a perfect fitting style.