Summer elegance.

Summer is here, so let’s talk about seasonal clothing: the higher temperature must NOT be followed by a lower level of style and elegance!
Carosi offers the best completions for every season, so it is for summer: here are some advices to choose a fresh and stylish way of clothing.
A coat is often necessary, whether if it’s used for business and working reasons or for a mere aesthetic need; a good solution can be the choice of a “spezzato” dress, cotton or linen casual coats paired by shirts and trousers made by similar wovens. Some interesting variations can be represented by the so called “armors”, twined spuns that come out with rough weaves that will enlighten the preciousness of the wovens and its values in tailoring.
Trousers can have a casual and everyday-use tailor in a “slim” way, so to guarantee an effective wearability and the most righteous fit.
Speaking about colors, our philosophy is mostly based on sobriety and taste: that’s why we strongly recommend to choose between pastel or light blue, like Royal or Blackboard blue.
What about linen? A precious and fresh woven, becoming a more and more fashionable clothing choice, that applies to the suit a well balanced look between vintage and denim; the particular quality of washed linen adds even more personality to this woven, and so does the choice of bluette, beige and dove-grey colors.
Cotton and linen are emblems of summer clothing, even though the majority of you ignore that Bedouins use mainly wool clothes through the burning temperatures of the desert. A very light wool, but still wool!
And wool surprisingly represents the best way to contrast the raising warm of summertime, because it better lets air pass through the wovens until our skin and at the same time keeps the suits perfectly stable and not crumpled; wool wovens between 220 or 230 grams are the best choices.
Carosi offers you a lot of possibilities to enjoy your summer with a classy clothing; come to find us, we will drive you through the best solutions for a fresh, suitable and elegant style!