The importance of a ceremony.

Times change, trends evolve, but a ceremony suit needs a specific care that can’t be compromised.
Choosing a tailored suit today is very different from ten years ago: the evolution of the wovens, dress codes and other features improved the offers for customers, but anyway are getting more and more confusing.
A ceremony suit has to be in line with some traditional rules, even if it’s still made following the style and the personality of who is going to wear it: how to dress in a wedding, for example, is not often explained to grooms because the brides are way more interesting for sellers in terms of costs and optimizations.
In this article we want to give a clear vision of the common rules to respect for men in choosing the right suit for every ceremony: that’s the way Carosi works with customers, giving them advices and showing the best tailoring quality to get customized solutions that respond to the elegance call.
Formal suits like the Morning Dress and the Black Lounge must be weared only during daytime ceremonies, while the Smoking and the White Tie are more advisable for the night. Dark colours are anyway the best choices for night time ceremonies, while others like bright-grey, sandy and azure are indicated for daytime events.
Wovens are crucial in a formal dress, especially for weddings: even if it’s winter or summer, a light quality woven like tasmanian wool or a mixed canvas-wool are preferable for a result that guarantees style and a perfect fit with the aesthetic of who wears the suit.
And what about the waistcoat? Our suggestion is to always choose to wear a waistcoat, because usually shirts and trousers tend to be not so much fitted and put together for the nature of their wearing in a man. A waistcoat that’s similar to the colours and the wovens of the suit (or even different, like a pearl grey or a canvas one) is strongly suggested to complete your ceremony suit.
Black and blue are the most requested colours for a formal dress: lately we suggested some little innovations like a “reverve” on the coat and the Smoking or the Black Lounge in a navy blue colour. The choice is perfect for ceremonies during the spring time and can be a good solution for those who attend weddings as guests and not grooms: but always keep in mind that black is the right colour for a ceremony suit!
Carosi cares about tailoring and clothing since 1937: come to find us, you will be guided to the best solution that perfectly matches your style with the most important dressing rules.