Tailored jacket: two or three bottons?

Behind the choice of a jacket lies a language full of variables and nuances far from being trivial.
For this reason, when choosing a jacket, it is important to know which image we want to communicate and to be familiar with the different combinations and possibilities.
Not only and not so much a choice dictated by fashion, but by the different occasions and by ones personality.
A tailored jacket is able to go beyond the current trends and to flexibly adapt to your needs. Two or three buttons, central or side opening or without opening, three or four buttons on the sleeves, open buttonholes (“true”) or closed buttonholes (“false”), these are all forms of an item of clothing that more than anything else presents us and represents what we want to communicate to others.
Three buttons for the sport occasions, often with lateral opening and open buttonholes, enabling a more formal tone, which without doubts fits to a jacket to be used not only at work, but also in the social occasions: a holiday week-end, an aperitif with friends, and all other moments when we want to feel confortable and relaxed.
Two buttons with lateral opening, to give a sporty cut, with central opening, for the formal occasion in which however we don’t want to miss out our casualness, or without opening, for a touch of elegance which leave no doubt, to be worn on special occasions (where ceremonial wear – tight and frac – is dominant).
And then the buttonholes, open and true for all the occasions, but keep open (all or even just one) in everyday life and rigorously closed in the formal occasions.
Without considering that the endless number of combinations of the different variables enable to a tailored jacket to fit all bodies in most natural way, as well as to hide the small flaws that could make us feeling uncomfortable.
So those who have a protruding pelvis can choose a racket without opening. But not just that. Each part of a tailored jacket can fit our body with utmost accuracy: the lenght of the jacket, for example (three buttons for taller men or two buttons for those of medium height), or the lenght of the sleeve and the consequent choice of the buttonholes (four as per the latest trends, although it is important not to exaggerate!).
Carosi, a long-standing leader in the creation of tailored men’s garments, can advise you at the best, to choose a jacjket which fit to your size and that at the same time is suitable to the different occasions, as well as to the current fashions and trends (for this season, for example, a very high two buttons, for a much more up-to-date jacket).
And above all, never forget that coherence in dressing shall never be left out: what sense would it make to have open buttonholes (true) on a jacket which has nothing of tailor-made? Such a choice would not add any value to your jacket, showing only your lack of style.